Saturday, June 21, 2008

Netflix Goes a Little Bit Stupid

Floods. War. Netflix dropping profiles.
I left this on their blog to make myself feel better:
I have to wonder about at least two layers of (in)competence: the engineers that are not clever enough to figure out how to provide this feature (the patents rumor is interesting but hardly insurmountable), the management that would actually think this is a good idea to approve (someone needs to be fired), and the PR dep't that couldn't come up with a better spin. The last one is the least important and the most irritating: 1% of users? Pfft! I don't believe it. Even if it's true (prove it or shut up) it doesn't matter. 1% is a lot of users. "Free up programming space"? What the hell is that supposed to mean? Not providing a tool for migrating is just insulting.
And there is the real rub: if I feel insulted, I don't care if your DVDs are spun from platinum out of the ass of diamond spiders and slipped into envelopes by singing virgins, I won't like it.
There is only one good solution: take it back and say you're sorry.

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