Tuesday, August 18, 2009


Extravaganza overwhelms thin scenario, but it doesn't really matter because the point of this movie is to wrap Claudette Colbert in a thousand yards of silk. At this, it is perfect. Title card is an extended wardrobe malfunction that probably created the Hays Office single handedly. Busby Berkley spectacles are interesting but a trifle silly. War montage is adorably hopeless. Claudette's eyes are bigger than anyone's except a Power Puff Girl.

'Twinkie King' wraps up sweet career | Seattle Times Newspaper

Nicole Brodeur | 'Twinkie King' wraps up sweet career | Seattle Times Newspaper
Her columns usually drive me up a tree but this one made me happy.

Monday, August 17, 2009

The Fascinating World of the Yellow Jacket

brought to you by Sterling international, Inc, manufacturer of fine insect traps.

From New Album 8/4/09 10:37 PM
There is no doubt that they work. Within an hour it had trapped a couple of Vespula vulgaris and attracted but not trapped V. consobrina. That's science-talk for bugs.

Friday, August 14, 2009

Terragen is still fun

First render:

Added different clouds, eroded rocks:

More erosion, different clouds altogether and random green:

Moved the sun:

Shrank world's radius as much as possible, raised camera:
Cool, but too time-consuming.

Stupid hand-eye coordination

I thought I told my drawing hand to make a picture of Raymond Burr, but instead it's clearly Jose Ferrer. Do I even want to know what neoronal transform was required to do that?

From New Album 8/4/09 10:37 PM

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Tokyo Story

Country parents visit city children. Much of the goods are delivered wholly through the visuals so the subtitles are sometimes a distraction. Can't be helped, of course.

The Naked City

A basic pillar of cinema. Even the weaknesses are strengths. My favorite thread is the step-wise decay of Barry Sullivan's patience with a feckless suspect.

Old Man and the Sea

I had no idea how klutzy this is. Spencer Tracy is a fine actor, but he is badly cast. Sturges' direction is uninspired (he did more with spaceship models in Marooned than he does with amazing locations) and the score makes me want to slap Dmitri Tiomkin and I like Dmitri Tiomkin!
The fundamental problem is that it is all tell and no show. An illustrated radio play.

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