Thursday, June 19, 2008

Dick Tracy (RKO)

Dick Tracy, Detective (... vs. Splitface)
- According to the commentary there is debate about who plays Tracy more convincingly. As a mostly disinterested observer, I can say that Morgan Conway has the better nose, body language and voice, if not accent. The show is actually pretty violent.
Dick Tracy vs. Cueball
- Of the four, this tale has the most reasonable plot. The bad guy almost manages to bull his way through but has some bad luck at the end. He takes it like a man, though.
Dick Tacy's Dilemma (... vs The Claw)

- Ralph Byrd has a good chin for Dick Tracy. His accent is more diffusely midwestern which seems appropriate but his delivery is film-strip dull.
Dick Tracy Meets Gruesome
- Boris Karloff's intense charisma overmasters the entire production. The plot is frankly ridiculous and thereby hilarious.

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