Tuesday, June 11, 2002

FW: Mariners vs the Cardinals

I had fun at last night's game, mostly because of the nice company that I keep, but I'm afraid that the Cardinals were not looking their best and the actual play was uneventful. The Mariners offense was better than usual.
Greatest discovery: the seats above the midpint of the first base line are amazingly good. Second greatest discovery: the garlic fries are good food. It's hard to go wrong with garlic and potatoes, but these were exceptional.

I can't recommend the Kölsch from Pyramid brewery. Just not an interesting beer. All praise to their IPA, of course.

The new football stadium lacks the architectural detailing that would give it some character. The roofs (rooves?) over the seating are supported on dramaticaly bifurcated pylons, but the rest of it is blah. The two stadiums are very similar in overall appearance. That's my ruling.

Mt. Baker Expedition reported to me that contrary to the standing order, "summit at all costs," reason prevailed under the onslaught of strong winds, equipment difficulties and inexperience with knots. Commander Scott has been sacked and his dogs eaten. No negative impact on the Yeti expedition is expected.

And just to clarify, Dmitri Tiomkin never wrote a score for This Island Earth. Although he could have if he wanted to, I guess. But he didn't. Anyone who tells you that I told them that there ever was such a score is either mistaken or a liar. Shun him.

And the eclipse was not very noticeable. We were looking for it but didn't see a darn thing.

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