Wednesday, November 14, 2001

VS writes:
"Can you elaborate (on the image below -ed)?"

Why, yes I can:

William Stromberg is a conductor of film scores and he has conducted (for label Marco Polo) an amazing string of recordings of film scores that are otherwise unavailable. Unavailable usually means the original masters are lost or unusable.

Lots of those had to be performed from reconstructed (by listening to the movie and interpreting - a rare skill), from incomplete or un-annotated short score, or sometimes from scraps of parts scores.

They record using eastern European (ie cheap but skilled) orchestras, mostly the Moscow Symphony Orchesrta.

This will get you to a search result of 'Stromberg' on the Naxos (parent of Marco Polo) site.

Bill also has composer, orchestrater and arranger credits on some new-ish movies.

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