Tuesday, November 27, 2001

I've set up a server that will allow the house automation to be controlled from the internet. I'll have to put up a page to make it usable. Watch this space. It may be possible for viewers to turn on the lights only when they are needed.

The Monster Inc toys are spiffy optical illusions. When viewed from the front, they are nondescript but when lit from behind they take on a convincing 3D effect.

The Star Trek edition of Weakest Link was pretty amusing. Wil Wheaton was so not cool. And the most fatiguing part: during his exit interview, he claimed to have been putting on an act as an annoying young actor but hoped he didn't come off as too big a jerk! Argh! And his charity? The EFF! Jesus! Everybody else was playing on behalf of blind orphans and pediatric this and social that. Apparently they generated the highest score ever. In spite of William Shatner's horsing around. Actually, the most painful aspect was that LeVar Burton beat Robert Picardo.

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