Friday, February 06, 2009

Sayonara Jupiter, aka Bye Bye, Jupiter

Well-intentioned, big-budget special effects extravaganza from Toho. There are many, many things wrong with this movie but none detract from its extremely high camp value. The acting is on the same level as the stupefyingly bad dialogue, creating little dissonance in that regard. The story is that the Solar system is threatened by a black hole but if Jupiter is turned into a second sun, the black hole will be deflected. Stolid, hard-working technicians and bureaucrats get right on it but are bothered by vandalism and sabotage by dirty, dolphin-hugging (literally), filk-song singing (unceasingly), mumu-wrapped (except for the leather bikini babes) Space Hippies. Think Dr. Severin from The Way to Eden without the reticulated ears and with Jerry Garcia's beard but without the talent. There is a null-gravity sex scene that is as unerotic as it is interminable and unexpected. The special effects are top notch, however.
In sum, it is a thousand times more entertaining than Armageddon and one-billionth as interesting as 2001.

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