Sunday, February 08, 2009

Documentary from Fallen Idol

Christian Bale is reported to have gone completely off his nut on the set of Terminator 4. I have heard a recently leaked recording that is purported to be the outburst and it's pretty embarrassing for all involved. Someone who certainly sounds like Christian rails non-stop against the DP for about four minutes in a perfectly childish tantrum. According to Christian during his freak-out, the DP moved while on set.
In the documentary about Carol Reed, there is a sequence of remembrances of how he handled actors. Reed was careful not to humiliate his actors and would arrange with his DP to cut short a bad take by jiggling a light so that instead of saying something like, "Cut! Christian, I can't understand a word that you are saying," or "Cut! Christian, the vein on your forehead has exploded again," he could say "Sorry all, there's a problem with the lighting." This only works if the actor involved is only merely self-involved and insecure and not also suffering a steroid-induced psychopathic rage.

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