Thursday, February 12, 2009

Cloak and Dagger

Gary Cooper's "Aw, shucks!" physicist has a speech which I paraphrase: "Sure, billions for atom bombs but where are the billions for cancer research?" His audience, an OSS man (who apropos of nothing savory, is also a fellow fraternity member) responds with a classic debate tactic: "As long as the Nazis don't get the bomb first!" As if Nazis don't get cancer. Cooper's character also notes that destroying an apple even unto pure energy is easier than building an apple in the first place. Thus is demonstrated that war, nukes and medicine have an inverse relationship of their desirability to their acquirability. Naked apes have been warring on each other forever and hating it, they've been Oppenheimering for 60 years and mostly hating it (looking at you, Teller) and curing cancer not at all and wanting it very much. At least the universe is internally consistent the way fin de guerre espionage noir isn't.

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