Friday, January 30, 2009

Kaena, the Prophecy

We'll set aside the 'Prophecy' as mere boilerplate. Kaena is an orphaned, rebelling, adventuress / underwear model. She lives on a continent-sized tree canker that is growing toward, into, and eventually through the Lagrange point between two mutually tidal-locked planets. The tree's growth is spurred by the arrival of the mystically endowed AI from an alien ship that crashes on the stickier of the planets. That ship's crew's bad luck does not stop when the ship crashes because the inhabitants of the planet are right on hand to slaughter the survivors. The AI, however, can hold its own against the natives and proceeds to devastate their ecology for its own entirely arbitrary purposes, one of which is to spawn Kaena's species which just happens to be human. Did I mention that the aliens are made out of maple syrup and that the entire movie is drawn in all the colors between tan and dark tan?
There is a lot of visual imagination on display but no narrative skill. A French and Canadian co-production (not a French-Canadian production!). Voice acting is mostly professional but Kirsten Dunst fatigued me early on and Greg Proops (Whose Line Is It Anway) was given far too much to do as the supercilious and grating counselor worm.
Better than Treasure Planet but not as entertaining as Titan:AE.

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