Sunday, January 18, 2009

Heaven Can Wait

Charming philanderer (Don Ameche) dies and goes to Hell. Brightly polished comedy has dark, burnished interior wherein the consequences of Love Conquers All and Love Is Blind are presented. His lack of accomplishments are signal, his relationships are strained but ultimately satisfactory but not even Satan (the great and tragic Laird Cregar) can hold him because people loved him. Happily for him, those people are not in Hell. The same phenomenon was on display in COPS when the clearly abused party would cries out for her lover/assailant, "Don't arrest him! I love you, baby!" The difference being that in Heaven Can Wait, the crimes are those of ommission, mostly.
The growing up sequence is a highlight. Gene Tierney's hair in later sequences is distracting.
Not to be confused with Warren Beatty's 1978 movie, Heaven Can Wait, which is a remake of Here Comes Mr Jordan.

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