Tuesday, October 09, 2001

Melee between all manner of Lego action figures. Low quality pictures.

Gali has taken out Mr Shoulders with a lunge at his throat. Maku is in jeopardy between Spark and Jet. Millenium is beset by two Turaga and two Tohunga. Onua is about to toss Mr White over the edge. Pohatu, unsubtly, is kicking The Dog. Amazon is getting nowhere with the Turaga from the forest. Tahu and Lewa are having difficulty containing Langostino. Mr. Blue has been retired over a speaker. Mr. Gray stumbles toward the printer, neutralized. Scuba and Granite can't seem to get the better of a band of Tohunga. The fusion Comborider (airlifted by Mr. Wing?) has been overturned and is at the untender mercies of a pair of Tohunga mechanics. Mr. Wing has tumbled over the edge and is being protected by Blaster and Mr. Silly. Jala and Whenua don't seem to know what to do with Blaster. Electro and Spark are both in trouble although Ski may be about to deliver a sucker punch to an inattentive Tohunga. The Roboriders and Turbo, under the command of Blacklight, circle underneath looking to pick off anyone unlucky enough to fall from the desk. Up above, Kopaka has dealt another uncanny blow -- this time to the vulnerable knee of the fusion Throwbot.

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