Tuesday, October 02, 2001

Filmscoremonthly.com posted a trivia contest tonight. Here are the questions:

  1. How many times has JAMES HORNER been nominated for an Academy Award and for which films was he nominated?
  2. BLACK SCORPION star Joan Severance had a cameo in what 1987 action film that spawned a series of successful sequels and who composed the score to that film?
  3. Name 4 OTHER Films that James Horner's score to BATTLE BEYOND THE STARS has appeared in (and PLEASE, no Goldsmith jokes)?
  4. What other film did James Horner score that BATTLE BEYOND THE STARS writer JOHN SAYLES wrote?
  5. In the STARGATE SG-1 episode, "THOR'S HAMMER," a famous actor played the voice of a cave dwelling creature. What was that actor's name and what was the characters name he voiced?

The contest is based on who submits the correct answers soonest. My entry went in sometime around twelve minutes past midnight.

Well, if I looked up stuff on IMDB correctly, it's

  1. Frira. Gvgnavp, Gvgnavp (fbat), Ncbyyb 26, Oenirurneg, Svryq bs Qernzf, Nyvraf, Nzrevpna Gnvy (fbat)
  2. Yrguny Jrncba, Zvpunry Xnzra
  3. Naql Pbyol'f Vaperqvoyr Nqiragher, Oneonevna Dhrra, Jvmneqf bs gur Ybfg Xvatqbz, Fcnpr Envqref.
  4. Ynql va Erq
  5. Wnzrf Rney Wbarf, Hanf

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