Thursday, September 04, 2008

Iron Man

Iron Man is free of irony. The plot is either completely vapid or delightfully uncomplicated. The first act is entertaining, the second act is creaky and the third act has no surprises at all. It is impossible espoilerer the movie.
Jeff Bridges certainly looks like a bad guy right down to his 80's power suit* but is on auto-pilot, which is mildly funny in context. The vein on his right temple is thesping way harder than he is.
It would have been better if someone had resisted the urge to license the Black Sabbath song.
On the plus side: Downey is funny and convincing, and it all looks great. The most Marvel-esque Marvel adaption so far.

* right down to the contrasting collar and yellow tie. Also a big cigar. I know it's a comic book, but jeez louise.

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