Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Lego Clone Wars V-19

As soon as I saw the V-19 Torrent in the Clone Wars series, I wanted to render it in Lego. Due to a lack of skill, time, dedication or pieces, I never came up with anything nearly adequate. Some other builders made reasonable attempts but I haven't seen any I felt like copying.
The Lego designers, uninhibited by any limitations, have made a set that pretty much exceeds any reasonable expectation. The set is large, almost 500 pieces, and contains elements never seen before. That is a major advantage of being a Lego designer, being able to invent new pieces. The piece that will probably make this set really play-worthy are these syringe-looking hydraulic stays:

Lego Clone Wars has some surprising mini-figs:

The very stylized General Obi-Wan:

The aggressively tattooed Sejj Ventris:

The frankly alarming Plo Koon:

and Commander Cody, out-cooling the whole cast:

My Lego budget is broken forever.

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