Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Classical Music on Vinyl Poll from Naxos

Here's the poll itself.
I can't quite grasp their intent, but just in case, I did leave some feedback to hopefully nip this in the bud:
re: poll. Is this meant to be humorous? I feel like I am responding to the Onion.
re: question 11. That sounds like the worst idea since "A Fifth of Beethoven." Honestly! I can just picture DJ Master Mashie McMashup beat-matching Sibelius and Telemann to a dee-lish trance-hop to get the LAY-deez down-down-down, I say, dow-wun! On the flow-oar! Whoo-oop, whoo-oop! The flo-or! Scratch dat Johannes Yo-yo-yo! Jo-HAN-nes Se-bitchin' Buh-buh-buh-buh Bach, bee-yotch!

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