Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Out of the Past

Reptilian alien overlord (Douglas) hires wholly human agent (Mitchum) to retrieve genetic weapon (Greer) that has liberated herself and is on the loose in Latin America. Wholesome folk of the countryside are relieved as juggernauts destroy each other, leaving the cities to the cockroaches as they breed the citizen-gods of the shining future. "You're like a leaf blowing from one gutter to another," is one of dozens of excellent speeches. Re-made, approximately, as Against All Odds, which isn't nearly the entertainment as Out of the Past.

This started out as, "Mad genius (Douglas) hires bladerunner (Mitchum) to retrieve advanced replicant (Greer) ..." but realized that it's too accurate to both movies to illuminate either. Dickie Jones would be the parallel to William Sanderson.
I'm still not happy with it ... the point is that the past is a greasy, primitive, lawless wasteland and the future is an agrarian, toga-wearing paradise of equals in harmony with self and the land. No room for tyrants, even petty ones like the Kirk Douglas character.

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