Wednesday, May 21, 2008

The Invisible Man's Revenge

It should read An Invisible Man's Revenge as the plot has nothing to do with any of the preceding movies. The whole premise is turned inside out: crazy guy (it's not clear whether trauma-induced amnesia caused or prevented his psychopathic tendencies) incidentally finds a means to be invisible. But then he decides to be visible.
Some just barely interesting parts are thrown away: an off-screen African diamond-mine adventure, for example. And John Carradine's sympathetic but vicious invisible dog is not used to any kind of thrilling effect because he is made visible. A visible revengeful hound is just an annoyance but an invisible Hound of Vengeance is awesome! I mean, the title is not Visible Man's Revenge, is it? How hard is this? Some of the invisibility tricks are pretty good except for the wire-work in the second half.

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