Wednesday, April 02, 2008

LEGO Bionicle Kardas Dragon Without Limbs Makes For a Passable A L I E N Chestburster


The Kardas Dragon is a whopping huge Bionicle set made from combining three other sets, but the gag is that those three sets themselves are of the "titan" variety meaning that they are about twice the size of a typical Bionicle set. So it's big. There were a few minor changes to make it more chestburstery: removed limbs (legs, arms, wings), shortened the neck (the chestburster is notably hunched) and added the adorable little claws. Chest bursting fun the whole family can enjoy!

By the way, I just received the new, complete A L I E N soundtrack. While it is not revelatory, thre is a lot of neato new material. The notes go into the convoluted history of the soundtrack's editing which makes Ridley Scott out to be a major PITA, as well as having Ben Burtt-esque attitudes toward music in movies. Which is to say fiddly and klutzy at the same time. A Kitchen-Aid blender has no place in the editing suite. Just saying.

Looking at the archives, I see that I have not mentioned that my original Alien CD was bronzed due to a notorious manufacturing defect. For a while, it was possible to mail one's defective CDs to an address in the UK and some nice fellow would dig out a copy (I imagined a dusty cardboard box under some clerk's desk) and mail it to you. I doubt that is still going on. I never took advantage of it because all* my CDs still play. In the case of Alien, it is of course, moot.

*except The Ten Commandments which has the more conventional laser rot. It is OOP, to boot.
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