Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Border Patrol Pushing the Boundaries

The Border Patrol is pushing the boundaries of common sense. These two articles from the Seattle Times limn troubling, if not perfectly Fascist, sentiments from the government spokespeople involved:
Friday Harbor ferry trip turns into uncomfortable experience with U.S. Customs
Border Patrol "spot checks" on ferries provoke outrage in San Juan Islands
The galling aspect is that the searches are being done in spite of rulings against them. I seriously doubt that their logic ("We're not forcing them to submit to searches, we're just depriving them of their liberty for a little while.") is going to impress the next judge who hears this.
What a waste of time and effort. The silver lining is that the problem is so obvious – demanding travel papers between US cities is not permitted – and the offense so egregious that there can be little doubt of the eventual outcome. It would be handy if our representatives in Washington had sufficient clout to effect a change sooner than later. It's not fair that the folks in the San Juan should suffer while the slow outrage of the republic is ponderously wheeled about back in the direction of Constitutionality.

Liberty or Death

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