Sunday, March 30, 2008



And lo! the Owner was Sick and Tired of looking at the Old Toys and wanted He room for the New Toys. Therefore put He His hand to a box of Zip-Loc­® bags and did part-out the Bionicle® thereto. Only the 2001, the MOC and the 2008 were exempted and also the cooler models like the Exo-Toa® and Roodaka® and the Bahrag® and Lesovik® and Lhikan® but not the sled or steed thereof for they please not the Owner so much and maybe the Boxor® but most certainly not the Matoran® of Metru Nui® which are the most Utter Crap. And that the baggies of Bionicle® might not tempt His eyes with their unassembledness to a spasm of MOCing they were cast deep within the tote that is of Rubbermaid® and no other and thence to a shelf in the darkest garage beyond the Ford Focus® and the Nordic Track®. And their Set Numbers were entered into an inventory and thence to an Index Card even unto a Rolo-dex® that they be not forgotten entirely. Be not sore of heart for all the toys will be gathered together at the last day when the Owner builds He an addition or shed or daylight basement or other such Man-Cave as should please Him with sufficient display space thereunto. And there will be such a display of Bionicle® as the world will never have yet seen!
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