Friday, June 08, 2007

Raging Bull

Great movie, but I don't feel edified at all. Scorsese's editing is amazing. De Niro is great but great-great? I don't know.


  1. Editing department: Thelma Schoonmaker, one of the greatest. Scorsese awesome of course, but he'd acknowledge her efforts.

    I agree it's one of the "greats" in terms of artistry, not story.

    Take note: the "LaMotta Tonic" is indeed effective at retaining precious bodily energies. Try it before your next big exam! Brr!

  2. You know, I knew that. I am tatooing it on a neuron now: Thelma Schoonmaker Thelma Schoonmaker Thelma Schoonmaker!


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