Sunday, July 18, 2004

When a Rahkshi Plays at Being a Vahki

Not so much a MOC as a re-arrangement of parts. The Rahkshi and the Vahki are clearly related somehow. I wanted to see what would happen if a Rahkshi tries to transform the same way a Vahki. It turns out that everything needs to be backwards. The Matoran torso is rotated around the x axis, the shoulders are rotated around the y axis, the arms and legs are swapped (but not the feet and hands!) Also, the legs are connected backwards and upside-down. The result is recorded here:
slideshow in a new window

I have attempted a morph of the two models with limited success (opens in new window):
first morph

Another go but still flawed. How to do alpha channel in animation file? (opens in new window):
Another morph

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