Saturday, July 31, 2004

Photography for Liberty at the Ballard Locks

The unsupportable events chronicled here have hit far too close to home. We have created, in the fuzzy-headed state of mind following 9/11, a class of thuggish cop who not only misunderstands his mission but is also apparently deaf to reason. We have a long period of work ahead to rebuild from the damage that we have done to ourselves.

I'll be attending this event tomorrow: Ballard Locks Photo Workshop

I'll be wearing this badge:

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  1. There were many people at the locks that day and many had cameras. THere was no organized event that I saw. I did see a couple of park ranger-types buttonholed by people of color, but I di not eavesdrop on their conversation.

    There was a band playing marches. The band leader told a tedious story about the composer's pseudonym.


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