Saturday, June 14, 2003

Rahkshi Have Arrived

The remainder of the Rahkshi cohort (plus extra Kraata) have arrived and are at present menacing the webcam. Went shopping in Lynnwood and came across plain old Bohrok on clearance at Toys R Us and bought three to make a Bohrok Kaita. For Bionicle-heads only (as if anyone else is reading this): feet are based on the Bohrok Kaita #1 and the arms and torso are based on Bohrok Kal Kaita #1.

Also picked up another Boxor, two Bohrok Va and the 100% weird "Slap Shot," a hockey toy from Lego. I wanted to see what it was and use the shoulder armor for the Toa Maiden. A pretty good toy, actually. Not very Legoistic, though. The big surprise was a powerful spring which accepts an axle. Could be useful as part of a trigger.

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