Tuesday, June 17, 2003

Immediate Answer to Question Posed

I am of course, being entirley obtuse in regard to where Lego's Bionicle story can go. Hollywood has already supplied the answer:
  • Roman numerals: II, III, IV, etc.
  • The Something: ... the Reckoning, ... the Awakening, ... the Quickening, ... pick a gerund.
  • Apes-style: Planet of, Beneath the, Return to, Escape from, Battle for, Conquest of, etc.
  • Spinoffs: a la All in the Family. Maude, The Jeffersons, Gloria ... I can't stand to think about it any more. Oof.
  • Prequels.
  • Retreads: Director's Cuts. And Special Editions. And Nth Anniversary Editions. Retrospectives, festivals, revivals, road shows and ice shows. Theme park already covered.

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