Wednesday, May 28, 2003

LEGO Purchase: a Little Bit of Everything

This set of Apollo vehicles makes me wax nostalgic for the early seventies. That says a lot right there. I haven't applied the decals, because I am a decal weenie. I have never liked decals. Although these models really need them. I'm going to make up better graphics for the bases because the Lego art is bluntly awful. The lander is easily the best one. The moon buggy model is OK, but different tires would have made all the difference. Just doing these tires in grey would have been an easy improvement.

This set was an indulgence, but I love the monsters in each one. It's from the "Orient Expedition" theme. Oo! Scary! Ee! Terrifying!

The reason I ordered any Lego at all. We've been hearing about them for months, the Rakshi. To be officially released in June, these two are available to Lego Club members as a privilege of club membership. I'm also a member of the National Geographic Society. I'm connected, I am! These monsters are chock full of new parts - there's scarcely a retread in there. They are thoroughly articulated. The back-and-forth fighting action is effective. The feet are surprisingly large and heavy. The flourescent head is way cool and will be much sought after just as a piece. The worm-brain is — Hooray! — not painted: the color is cast in the mold.

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