Thursday, May 08, 2003

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(The following was scrawled on a crumpled scrap of grocery bag found in my front yard. The tone is certainly evocative of my old friend and the barely legible scrawl is what one would expect of a homunculus with only three fingers, none having more than two joints.)

I'm sure you find it very amusing to MOCK ME by building a little manikin in my image. Although I am content even pleased if not in fact actually happy to be ignored by you as I have been for quite some time now this affront to my dignity cannot stand. Lego? Lego!? Lego!?! The little dolly doesn't even have a beard I have a beard. And bristles! Where are the bristles? If S.M. were here he'd tell you what to do with your action FIGURE. How I loathe you all! What have you done with Hurdrahan! Damn you!

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