Thursday, July 19, 2001

The project was to time-lapse film a block of ice melting. The gag was that I had frozen a Bionicle inside. I had hoped that the time-lapse would look like the figure was emerging from the ice. Well, it didn't. The ice just melted and that's what it looked like. It was interesting from a "how DOES ice melt" perspective, but it had no drama at all. Oh, it melts strictly from the outside in. If there is a supporting structure (say, a Bionicle) it will melt UP. So, the ice just shrinks.

The first test was a disk of ice with Kopaka. That fell over several times. It was pretty amusing to watch it skid around as the center of gravity changed. It quickly became annoying. The second test was a tall cone of ice with the Fire guy. This actually went very smoothly. For almost the entire melting, the block of ice was supported by the model's feet. The first thing that melted was the bottom of the cylinder where it touched the drain plate. So, here's this quart of ice with two little feet sticking out.

The cam set up is a bit disarrayed, it'll take a little doing to get it back in order.

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