Friday, July 13, 2001

It had escaped my attention that today is Friday the Thirteenth until just now. And me having put together a calendar only the day before yesterday.

Oh, Vince, the mobile camera will happen in its own sweet time. The mobile camera does not measure time the same way that we poor mortals are bound to do. When you are a dried-up frizzle of a 120-year-old man being tended by mysterious aliens in orbit around Jupiter, perhaps then the mobile camera will come to you and say, "Look! Look around the corner from Kyle's office and behold the wonders there!" The mobile camera is coming, but the time and manner of its coming is known only to the mobile camera. What seas must the mobile camera drink and mountains it eat before the mobile camera will make itself known? What stars will burn away their iron hearts in impatient fury before the mobile camera might appear? Is your heart ready to be filled with the love of the mobile camera?

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