Friday, June 29, 2001

The new Roborider in town is another MOC. (Sorry to say that the gunsel Wilmer had to be sacrificed. He was like a son to me, really he was.) But this new Roborider is chock-full of features. Most notably, it can drop onto all fours and ride. And! And! And! He can sit down and ride wheelchair style! The wings act as skid-supports. His head inclines 90° to accommodate both modes. He has wings, which really remind me of the poster art for that movie, Michael. Hidden worm-gear action provides for a wide range of shoulder rotation and serves as a suspension for the arm wheels. A transparent blue wheel under his chin gives the impression of a carefully tied, if voluminous, cravat. The only notable flaw (aside from the piebald colors) is the pair of wheels that - pardon my lack of delicacy - dangle between his legs. Sort of like a hamster.

I have no good idea what his name might be. Send your suggestions to What's my name?

Those pesky Bionicles, with their Olympian haughtines, will rue the day they crowded in on the Roboriders' turf, those ingrates.

Other items in cam-view are the relative newcomers Blaster, Millennium and the Onyx/Power/Frost Comborider, which is not as lame as I thought it might be.

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