Tuesday, June 26, 2001

Dancing about are some LEGO Throwbots, Roboriders and Bionicles. Starting at the door and moving clockwise, to the right: Dust and Electro are engaged in a charming sarabande. Spark is doing a more athletic move based in funk. Gali, as usual, has been attracted to the barre. Lewa, in green, is apparently attempting a Cossack sort of maneuver. Aqua, right behind Lewa, is just jumping around like a happy idiot. Langastino (look up) is striking a very expressive pose. Trust me, it's expressive. Pohatu (brown head) ... who knows. Kopaka doesn't dance, although he has been spotted shredding with that big shield. Blaster seems to have the Cossack crouching kick down cold. (The Roborider dude (I found out he is called "Blacklight." -ed.) behind Kopaka's shoulder is doing the twist.) Way up on the featured stage on top of the computer case is Wilmer. Yes, those are guns on the ends of his arms, but they are full of happy dancing ammo. Back down on the main floor, Flare (orange wings) and Jet (yellow propellers) are whooping it up.

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