Thursday, August 03, 2006

20060803 afternoon

The day has been uneventful with only the usual disheartening, barely understandable and thoroughly juvenile behavior of some people in the call center: throwing their headsets in the trash when they spill soda all over it, posting sophomoric* notes on the bathroom door, moving the pool table with no regard for the unevenness of the floor**, general unattractiveness.

On the plus side, I cam across, newly acquired by Google, and was provided an invite by someone in .de. //()()t!, I guess. Nice feature is that one can post directly to Blogger from within Writely. Spiffy. Or rather, it would be spiffy if Blogger were updating correctly, which it is not at the moment.

To prove that this is a blog entry, I will now record what I plan to have for dinner: the last of the roast beef from the party. Now there will be room in the freezer for the ice cube trays. Which are from Ikea and make cubes in amusing shapes which of course means that they are not cubes at all.

Nature sighting: a raccoon with cub (joey? pup?) walked by my office window. As it is broad daylight, this is probably not a good sign. Not a really bad sign, like flaming frogs from the sky, but a sign that something is somewhat amiss. Somewhere.

* "Thanks for slamming the door. I don't think they heard you at the third gate of Hell." Uproarious.

** In a more civilized place (i.e. Poole) , they'd be beaten with cue sticks until they learned better.

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