Thursday, July 28, 2005

Matau, meet maiden. Maiden, Matau.

The Toa Maiden continues her sojourn through time.


  1. What happens next? If I were Matau and some punk mogrified me into some sphinx-like being, I'd be a bit miffed. Perhaps Roodaka did someting to the Toa MMaiden's staff? THe staff was broken durng their battle but had been repaired or replaced by the time the Toa Maiden escaped from her cocoon.
    Didn't the cocoon have any effect on the Toa Maiden?

  2. yeh, the cacoons afect the other toa so why does it not afect the toa maiden?

  3. What probably happened is that Roodaka's taunting of the Toa Maiden was overheard by the horde and they took the hint that they were to do nothing with the Toa Maiden. So she was merely trussed up and forgotten. Matau's change was caused by the Toa Maiden's staff. Roodaka's scheme may be quite subtle - why break the staff and then repair it? Perhaps she has plans for the Toa Maiden that were not even complete even in her own mind. She may have detected a sister spirit int he Toa Maiden - we have seen that she has uses for those she considers inferior.


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