Sunday, January 02, 2005

New Year, New Bionicle

On a whim, I picked up an example of the new species of Bionicle, the Rahaga.
The little helicopter toy is great: Lego's high production standards show up especially well in the sturdy gear box and rip cord. It is easy to drive it fast enough that it bounces off the ceiling more than twice.

The propeller:

There is writing on the side of the propellor:

The rip cord and launcher:

The whole toy:

A rahaga is, I gather, a sort of beast-master or Rahi-whisperer*. Their heads are those of a previous year's release, the utterly inimical Rahkshi, but their aspect is that of the benign turaga. The cognate Toa figures (Toa Hordika)) are likewise of dual character, a sort of were-toa.

* rahi (RAH-hee), a wild animal of the Bionicle-verse.

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  1. I got five of six from argos for £7.49


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