Friday, April 25, 2003

draft of Memo

Let's say our client, B-Motile, has contracted to forward calls to us about Crawlerbots. For reasons of their own, B-Motile starts forwarding calls about Roverwheels also. This will affect our work. We can be polite about it, but it is going to affect our work because we will be handling two classes of calls instead of one.Because we are nice about it, we handle the Roverwheels calls as best we can.
This encourages B-Motile's other vendor, ColicTingle, to continue to forward Roverwheel calls. Diplomacy has availed us very little tangible result so far. The immediate benefit that every ColicTingle worker realizes when they get away with a bad transfer outweighs the effect of the proposed feedback mechanism. If they are getting spanked for calls over two minutes, feedback from that website, buffered by time, distance, logistics and politics as it is, will have little impact.

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