Monday, December 09, 2002

FSM-Style Spines

I finally got around to making spines for my CDs (my spines are easy to read and have only the needed info and their design happens to be copied from the Filmscoremonthly CDs) and so represent recent-ish purchases in an approximate way. My formatting is accomplished by crude CSS. You have to imagine them away from my narrow column formatting and instead spread across all 5.125 inches of CD jewel case spine.

Jerry GoldsmithThe Sum of All Fears

Seamus EaganThe Brothers McMullen

Danny ElfmanDick Tracy

Randy EdelmanDaylight

Danny ElfmanA Simple Plan

Bruce BroughtonFor Love or Money

Mason DaringMen with Guns

John WilliamsHarry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone

John BarryEnigma

Isaac HayesShaft

Trevor JonesDesperate Measures

Michael NymanRavenous

Richard RobbinsRemains of the Day

Howard ShoreThe Game

James VenableThe City of Soundsville

John WilliamsA.I.

John WilliamsMinority Report

David ArnoldThe World Is Not Enough

Hugo FriedhoferThe Young Lions / This Earth is Mine

Jerry GoldsmithNemesis

John WilliamsThe Fury

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