Monday, September 09, 2002


I bought some Sculpey brand plastic clay to make my own masks* for my Lego action figures. These are my first trial results. (The blue mask is an actual Lego mask for comparison.)

I tried to be clever and carve out eye-holes on this one. The result was not salutary.

The reverse. The knob in the middle is where they mate with other Lego pieces. It is a join peculiar to masks, designed to facilitate game play which involves knocking the masks off the action figures. It makes sense when you see the toy in action, trust me.

A close up. I made these by first creating an inverse mold of a Lego original from Sculpey. Now I can mold dozens of parts! Muah ah ha ha!!

The next step is to make designs with greater Lego-ness. Legosity? Also smaller and thinner.

* "Kanohi" to you Mata Nui cognoscenti

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