Friday, July 26, 2002

New Toa Arrive

As a member of the Lego Club, I was entitled to order two of the new Toa before they arrive in stores. Dig me!
The new masks are different and by different, I mean big and reticulated. In addition to the masks they have been outfitted with armor which bulks them up a bit. Our heroes avoid being top-heavy by having slightly longer legs. They also have new weapons which pay only the merest lip service to the notion that they are also tools. Instead of a pneumatic axe, Lewa now carries a pair of scimitars, for crying out loud! Onua's really nifty claws have been replaced by chainsaws which double as skates. Lewa, I failed to to mention, is expected to augment his levitating power by using his swords as wings. As if!

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