Wednesday, May 22, 2002

2002 Through May sells used disks. More weakness of wallet:*

  • ExistenZ - Shore

  • The Matrix - Davis

  • Powaqqatsi - Glass

  • X-Men - Kamen

  • Field of Dreams - Horner

* received 20020528 and 20020603

I'll probably regret Field of Dreams. Horner!

An earlier order from mm was subjected to a casual winnowing poll:

"Oooh! The ways of Thunderdome are hard. Atlantis almost made it out but was cut down at the last moment. Shanghai Noon Pagemaster didn't have a chance and were just thrown in to get the crowd's blood lust started. Deep Impact and Field of Dreams ran afoul of an unfortunate prejudice of mine and were tapped in the middle of play. Grand Canyon went farther than any of the losers but just couldn't make it - maybe because of its dated sound. Sorry, you old geezer!

I present to you the newst champions of CD Buying Thunderdome!!"

  • Dinosaur. Cine vouched for this which amounts to a shoo in.

  • Event Horizon. Flawed but interesting.

  • Mission to Mars. I have a Mars thing. Totally unfair that it beat out Atlantis, but there you go. Mars thing beats Atlantis thing minus Disney thing.

  • Unbreakable. We'll see.

  • Whisperers. Not the lowest underdog, but the most deserving.

And from various Amazon sellers so far in 2002:

  • The Scarlet Letter - Barry

  • Lake Placid - Ottman

  • Incognito- Ottman

  • The Greatest Story Ever Told - Newman

  • Babylon 5: In The Beginning - Franke

  • Hans Salter & Frank Skinner: Classic Scores of Mystery and Horror

  • Dragonheart: A New Beginning - McKenzie

and of course, 2002's FSM CD's to date:

  • Demetrius and the Gladiators - Waxman

  • Farewell, My Lovely/Monkey Shines - Shire

  • Logan's Run - Goldsmith

  • Lust for Life - Rozsa

  • Joy in the Morning - Herrmann

  • The Man Who Loved Cat Dancing - Williams, Legrand

  • The Traveling Executioner - Goldsmith

  • 36 Hours - Tiomkin

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