Tuesday, September 11, 2001

9/11 reaction

I had to make an appointment to donate blood because all the centers are completely swamped with donors. If you can donate, you should. This was true before the attack, but is especially acute now.

Although there has been plenty of talk on CNN about where the blame lies, until there are some verifiable facts, we simply don't know. The only possible response to this is to act through reason and clear thinking. Vengeance is not only dangerous and pointless, it's impossible.

Blowing up some remote compound, just to make a point about policy will not be sufficient. There must be a response, of course. It should be measured, just and practical. Althgough we will feel anger, we must not act or decide out of anger. We have to make our stand through our good works.

My personal form of retaliation will be to continue working and thinking how to build a better world as best as I can. That there are people so aggrieved, mad and inhuman enough to do what was done today will simply have to be accomodated in my efforts. I choose not to let this astonishing act of hatred drive me to hate. My revenge will be to love.

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