Wednesday, June 05, 2002

EXTRA: Blockbuster Manager Is Not Entirely Credible!

Unable to get simple facts understood by the manager at Blockbuster, I chose to use the alternate route:

ME: What number should I call to talk to your boss?
HALFWIT: I already gave it to you. (true enough, but irrelevant. -ed.)
ME: What is the number?
HW: 568 2100.
ME: Who will I be speaking to?
HW: Christie.
ME: Christie who?
HW: I can't give you that information. We don't give it out.
ME: What is her last name?
HW: I know it, I'm just not going to tell you.
ME: And what office does she answer to?
HW: What?
ME: Who is your boss's boss?
HW: 748 0800
ME: And who is that?
HW: That's the number for the Regional Office. Andrew.
ME: So if I ask for Andrew, they will know who I need to talk to?
HW: It's an automated system.
ME: What's his last name?
HW and ME: I can't tell you that.
ME: So, I'm going to call Christie, no last name and Andrew, no last name.
HW: Thank you for the sarcasm.
ME: Good-bye.

I dialed the first number. A machine answers:
MACHINE: You have reached Christie Santana ...

I dialed the second number:
MACHINE: Hello, this is the voice message system for Andrew Steeles ...

It's one thing to be an evasive weasel, but it's altogether pathetic to be an evasive weasel about things that don't matter. It's easy to see why I don't trust the manager.

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