Tuesday, June 04, 2002

Blockbuster Video makes me think of dirty dirty dooky

I was going to post a scathing and inflammatory rant about that no-headed abomination of Judas' loins, Blockbuster Video, but instead will just post the following. I posted it at www.moviemusic.com, www.filmscoremonthly.com, www.geekculture.com and at www.lugnet.com. Not because they are especially visible to the world or because the people there are any more likely to be sympathetic to my situation, but because I want them to have an opportunity to know that someone very much like them is being abused. Think meercats. I'm the meercat in the tree looking out for hyenas.

Blockbuster claims that I failed to return a DVD. They are in error. That's bad, but it happens. They are rude and inefficient, which is as avoidable as it is inexcusable.

I encourage you to get your videos from somewhere else than Blockbuster. I'll happily go across town to a good store.

If my complaint inspires you to cut up your Blockbuster card in front of an especially clueless clerk, please let me know. If you want to tell this particular store that you heard that they are circus clowns but not funny like circus clowns, their number is 206 522 0397. (Don't bother asking for the manager, he may not even exist.)

You can call Kristi at 206 568 2100. She's a middle level manager of some sort. You can also call 206 748 0800 and leave a message at their district office.

It would be swell if you could take a moment to pass this along to your video renting friends. Let's not encourage the corporate entity that has created this slackerly and cynical environment.

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