Sunday, June 30, 2002

Earthlink sucks.

I sent this to, I kid you not, It would be funny if it wasn't so stupid. I CC'ed the Attorney General of Washington State, who took an interest.

Dear Sir,

I hold in my hand, delivered yesterday, yet ANOTHER bill for account 1234567. This account was set up in error by Earthlink. I reiterate that I have never ordered, authorized or failed to opt-out of any business relationship with Earthlink. I have repeatedly, monthly in fact, requested that my name be removed from your records.

In my other hand I hold your letter dated May 23, 2002, assuring the office of the Attorney General of Washington and me that this issue would be resolved "easily." I am still waiting for that resolution. The effect of Earthlink's failure to correct this situation becomes onerous.

Earthlink also sent a bill last month but I ignored it as you requested that I allow two weeks for your accounting department to adjust the balance. This I did, hoping that some change had actually taken place. Clearly this is not so. It might have behooved you and your accounting department to adjust the balance in a more timely and permanent way to a more appropriate figure such as ZERO.

Please take whatever technical, administrative or legal steps needed to remove me from your records. The more complete this removal, the happier I will be with the situation. I suggest that you do not depend on whatever system has been deployed so far to so little effect, and instead just FIX THE PROBLEM. For me to receive another bill is not acceptable, as I am sure you must agree.

I would give my assistance if there was anything else I could do, but the situation was generated entirely within your system with no input whatsoever from me. I have nothing to offer except repeated complaints at receiving a bill.

My best but frustrated regards,

Kyle Beatty

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