Monday, September 08, 2008


Clumsy adaption of ham handed novel with one interesting idea. John Hurt was a welcome relief but all too brief. Prolix first act made me want to scream because of its maudlin, hackneyed and wholly unneeded background. She loved her father - We Get It! The bad guy was just a caricature which is fine except that someone sprinkled the characterization with Illusory Meaning Dust so that we are led to believe that there is some kind of interesting depth ... but no, there is no depth, there is only irony-free moustache-twirling in Beltway mode. And I want to like this movie. Jodie, help me like this movie. And while you're at it, I could use some help with Nell, Control Room, Safe Room, Room With No View, whatever it was called, and that missing-child one.

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  1. Some moons later, I finally put in the last side of the laser disc set and watched the ending, which I recall as the good part. It isn't. The movie is 100% craptonium.


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