Monday, September 29, 2008

Big Bailout

Lots of noise around this situation, but it's simple. Reap. Sow. Deal. Both parties are to blame as far that goes, but we're in it together, aren't we? Well, everybody except the rich-beyond-dreams-of-Croesus crowd. Those folk we baste until the juce runs clear.
And before the ditto-heads start in on the socialism and abandoning the American Dream cant, here's a bone to gnaw on, if you can get your thumbs out of the way. The American Dream and socialism are not mutually exclusive. (Maybe I should have mentioned that you might need a dose of thrombolytic agents handy.) Having a government that can provide for the old and feeble is not giving up on anything. If you think so, you are ineligible to membership in the society of man except as an object of loathing and pity. Your allotment of acorns, dry grass and Plavix will be left in front of your unlightable caves.

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