Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Re: Please Read Before Midnight!

Mr. Reichert -

We are known by the company we keep. Your campaign has evidently purchased a list of e-mail addresses unvetted for suitability for your purpose. "consumeroffer@appleogue.net" is a honeypot address used to identify spammers.

Congratulations, you have joined the ranks of cheap pill peddlers and Nigerian Ministers of Finance.

As to the content of your whining plea ("The other party is picking on me!" You have got to be kidding, cry me a river, grow up, etc.), it has confirmed my suspicions about your campaign and by extension, your unsuitability for office. Please consider doing the body politic a favor and withdraw from the race.

I have done your campaign the courtesy of using the 'unsubscribe' link. Please reciprocate by confirming that the unsubscribing function actually does what it's supposed to do. It will have to be done with greater attention to detail than your campaign has demonstrated in sending the spam in the first place, and I might add, with greater wisdom than your party has demonstrated, well, since Eisenhower.

I Like Ike but Reichert's No Ike,
Kyle Beatty

On Tue, Sep 30, 2008 at 5:21 PM, Dave Reichert <info@davereichertforcongress.com> wrote:
Dear Supporters

At midnight tonight, the year's third campaign fundraising quarter will come to a close, and I need your support to demonstrate the high level of support I have here at home.
By making your financial contribution to the campaign before the midnight deadline, you can help to ensure that we are headed into the last leg of this election prepared with enough funds to run an effective campaign all the way through Election Day.

With the complicated issues facing our country, we cannot allow Darcy Burner's partisan interests to represent us in Washington, it is imperative that Washington's 8th district maintain its independence from the hyper-partisan agenda. We need straightforward commonsense solutions – not ideological pandering.

Because I have stood against their agenda and will continue to do so, I have been targeted by Nancy Pelosi and the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee. They - and other well financed leftist groups - will be pouring money into personal attacks and I need your support to fight back.

I am grateful to you for the generous support I have received in the last few months. Recent polls indicate this race is a dead heat, and your donation could push us over the edge. With Election Day just around the corner we must maintain our momentum. As always, I appreciate your support.

Congressman Dave Reichert

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