Saturday, September 26, 2009

Harry Potter is in the air

Someone named happyhufflepuff commented on this blog and I thought maybe I found one of Harry's toys at Value Village:

But then remembered that he graduated from Hogwart's before Bionicle came out and yes I know it's not real because he wasn't allowed toys. Or live in Seattle. But!
If Harry Potter was going to have a muggly TCG, I think he would prefer one featuring amnesiac robot monsters on a tropical isle over D&D seeing as one is fantasy and the other one is Fantasy otherwise it would be something of a workman's holiday sort of diversion, wouldn't it?

INT. BASEMENT Teenagers sit around a card table crowded with books, paper, pencils and Mountain Dew.
MUGGLE TEEN ONE: I've just rolled up a Chaotic good paladin. What are you, Harry?
HARRY POTTER: I'm a powerful wizard with a hidden origin.
MUGGLE TWO: Use the dice, dipwad.
DUNGEON MASTER: Role-play, Harry. Remember what we talked about about how imagination can seem real?
HARRY POTTER: (to dice) Rollio!
MUGGLE TWO: What's that work out as?
DUNGEON MASTER: (checking rule book): Huh. "Wizard. Unknown alignment. Level 12."
MUGGLE TWO: Every freaking time. What are the odds?

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  1. Game is very simple and would benefit from a little more variety. It's essentially a themed version of Uno with a map bolted on for only two people. I'm glad I did not buy it when it was new and I was more Bionicle-enthused.


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