Sunday, August 03, 2008

The Dark Knight

I know it's because I am becoming a fuddy-duddy, but rating this movie PG-13 doesn't seem right. The gritty themes played out through sadistic methods made me squirm - do young teens need to see this? No bad language, no sex but violence by the bucket ... have fun, kids! On the plus side, the Joker has been redeemed from Jack Nicholson with interest. Although he has been made to talk his character through, (That's bad.) Heath Ledger does it with elan. (That's good.) It is surprising how self-contained this movie is. I briefed young teen EW about the story of Batman before I saw Dark Knight and I see now that was not necessary.

update: Even the British think it's not young teen suitable.

(The trailer for The Spirit was dreck and the trailer for The Watchmen was awesome.)

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