Thursday, March 15, 2007

Funny IM Convo

Clash Heroin wrote:
check this out
Slick video demo

Kyle.Beatty wrote:
It may be the best thing since sliced bread but it is being touted in exactly the wrong way. I am strongly reminded of the protracted hypefest that surrounded video-goggles. Lots and lots of promises + a cool demo != good.

·the demo is awesome
·the promises are abundant

Clash Heroin wrote:

Very true, but you have to admit it is still cool

Kyle.Beatty wrote:
I think maglev is cool but I can't take one to the commuter station where my flying car waits to fly me to Jetson Towers and my robot housecleaner.

Clash Heroin wrote:

Kyle.Beatty wrote:

And my moon shuttle trip was canceled due to lack of room at the Lunar Hotel because they forgot to build the future. And now I have a name for all my disappointment: Jeff Han. It's his fault. That Steve Jobs wannabe demo-giver Jeff Han.

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